Meet the Team

Dentist – John R. Guirguis, DMD

Dr. Guirguis is all about dental care that’s comfortable and tailored to your needs. Honesty, kindness, and respect are at the core of his approach. He takes the time to listen, ensuring your best interests are always a priority.

Graduating with distinction from the University of Virginia and earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the esteemed University of Louisville, Dr. Guirguis is passionate about staying at the forefront of dentistry. He actively engages in various hands-on dental courses, specializing in Prosthodontics, Implant, and Cosmetic dentistry.

An artist at heart, Dr. Guirguis combines his creativity and attention to detail to provide beautiful esthetic dental treatments that blend ideal form and function. When not in the office, he cherishes moments with his wife and kids, exploring Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. Dr. Guirguis enjoys reading, cooking, painting, golfing, fishing, and actively participating in outreach and volunteer programs through his church.

So, make an appointment today and meet Dr. G! Wondering how to pronounce his name? It’s ‘Gur-gis,’ or simply call him Dr. G!

Office Manager – Theresa Chewning

Born in sunny Williston, FL, I ventured to Virginia where I tied the knot with my wonderful partner Ronnie. Together, we’re proud parents of Travis and Crystal, a dynamic duo. Outdoorsy by nature, you’ll find me casting lines while fishing, cheering at grandkids’ games, and playfully engaging with Cash, my feline friend. With a background in dentistry, I’ve connected with diverse souls from every corner. Laughter is my compass, and I thrive on heartfelt conversations where I can lend a hand. Let’s share stories and create smiles together!

Dental Hygienist – Laura Holt

I’m a Hoosier at heart, raised in Indiana, and proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. Life took an exciting turn when I met my amazing husband and took the plunge into married life. Our journey led us to Virginia, where we’re now a lively bunch of six – my husband, our four energetic boys, and me. I have an insatiable love for learning, always on the hunt for wisdom on self-improvement, health, and expanding my horizons. When I’m not diving into books, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my family, exploring new places, and putting smiles on the faces of our fantastic patients.

Dental Hygienist – Jackie Mansberger

Hey there! Originally from Fauquier County, I now call Stafford home, living with my hubby, two awesome boys, and two adorable pups. My passion for health and fitness led me from nutritional consulting in 2009 to diving into dentistry, and I proudly graduated from NOVA in 2013. Volunteering with public dental programs, including the Special Olympics, keeps my heart full. While being a busy mom is my main gig, you’ll often find me whipping up tasty dishes, getting my hands dirty in the garden, fitness training, or giving new life to old furniture. Life’s an adventure!